Natick Days Trivia Quiz!

natick days_sWBz.jpg

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Natick Days last weekend, especially to those of you who took the Natick Historical Trivia Quiz challenge! Congratulations to Mike Linehan, who won the drawing for a free copy of one of our historical maps. See the answers to the trivia questions below:

1. Where was the Worcester Turnpike?
A: Present-day Route 9

2. What stands on the site of the Natick Drive-In?
A: Cloverleaf Mall, mostly (and part of the Hampton Inn)

3. What man, son of a Natick Indian mother, was one of the first casualties of the American Revolution?
A: Crispus Attucks, who was killed in the Boston Massacre

4. How did Natick get its nickname "Home of Champions"?
A: From the Natick Union Hook & Ladder Co's 1891 victory in a "world championship" among fire companies in a series of contests, including hooking up hoses and erecting ladders*

5. What author made Natick famous with the book "Oldtown Folks"?
A: Harriet Beecher Stowe

BONUS QUESTION: What year did Natick's now-famous July 4 parade begin?
A: 1955

*Learn more about the history of the Natick Fire Department at our fall event on Oct. 30th!