Current Openings:

Museum Educator, Spring 2019
(temporary, part-time)

The Natick Historical Society (NHS) seeks three temporary, part-time museum educators to help lead half-day field-trip visits to the John Eliot Historic District in Natick for the town’s public school third-graders in May, 2019.

During April 2019:

  • Attend two trainings (to be scheduled) at the Natick History Museum

  • Become familiar with the field trip content and prepare to discuss English and Native American perspectives knowledgeably and respectfully

On five half-days in May 2019 (to be scheduled):

  • Present field trip content to groups of students

  • Lead question-and-answer period and group discussion

  • Direct and supervise students in small-group activities

  • Oversee safe movement of students from one field trip “station” to another

About the Program:
The NHS field trip program brings the town’s third-graders (approximately 400 children) to the Natick History Museum and several other locations in the John Eliot Historic District. Students learn about:

  • the early colonial period in Natick

  • Natick's establishment in 1651 as the first of 14 "Praying Indian plantations" in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • the lives and work of two historically significant figures: English missionary John Eliot and his Algonquian successor, Daniel Takawampbait

  • the history and changing uses of the Charles River and surrounding land in Natick during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as English colonists increasingly outnumbered Native Americans

The goal of the program is to reflect Natick's complex Native and colonial history accurately and from multiple points of view while continuing to support third-grade curriculum goals.

B.A. degree (completed or near completion) and experience teaching or managing groups of children required. Ability to sensitively convey multiple perspectives on colonial history, or willingness to learn to do so, required. Museum education experience or training preferred. Familiarity with early New England history, including Native American perspectives, preferred.

$500 stipend.  

Additional information:
Natick is located seventeen miles west of Boston. We can arrange rides to and from the Natick commuter rail station for educators without access to cars.

To apply:
Please email a letter of application and résumé to